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Tribe Simba Tekken Pro Player DarkTempest wins 2nd Place at the Africa Esports Championship Kenya Finals

POSTED BY admin December 29, 2020

Even after conquering South Africa, Tekken pro DarkTempest(DT) stuns the African scene once again reaching 2nd place at the African Esports Championship (AEC) Kenya Finals Event held on 12th December by AEC Kenya. The event was held on closed doors with only online spectatorship as he faced against some of the most feared in Kenya’s Tekken Competitive scene such as Watchmen’s Mickey, Masters Of Mayhem’s Frost and Rampage Clan’s Shoryuken all that made it to the Final 4 Showdown. Here are some photos of the lion flexing with pride.


“This lion by name @darkestempest took 2nd place in the @aec_kenya Finals today. The Lion tribesman takes it again.

#tribesimba #roarofafrica #simba #simbanation #esports #esportskenya #esportsafrica #kenya #africa” — Tribe Simba Instagram

Still a dominant name in Africa’s Tekken scene, DT is yet to stage on the African Grand Finals that will be held next year 2021. As we always say, The Lion is Infinite and the Pride is innevitable. Watch out for news on our socials of the upcoming Africa Esports Championship Grand Finals.

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