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Our main FIFA pro lion, Neutri won the Shang Tao FIFA Big League 2019 Championship last weekend. The event happened from 17th January at the Shang Tao: Rongai Campus, Kenya with some of the most respectable names in East Africa’s FIFA scene with names such as Kevin CK and Havoc both from Master’s Of Mayhem also competing at the event. This marks a great start to his career and that of the Esports Organization as they look to further grow their reputation in the region and also establishing themselves as regionally the most dominant esports organization.

We finally win our first Championship of the year courtesy of @_t.e.v.i.n after he won 1st place at the Shang Tao Big League 2019 Championship. It was truly an honorable battle.” — Simba Ultimate Instagram

He has definitely won other tournaments in the past but this one sets his high above his peers as a formidable pro as more tournaments will be announced. Keep it here at Simba Ultimate Esports to find out more.